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Accelerating Sustainability with RDI


Create Nanostructured Engineered Inorganic Materials through Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Licence the InAM TCO method for your company, whether you produce nanopowders for nuclear energy generation, EV and ESS active battery materials, and health and cosmetic products.

Commission Advanced Inorganic Materials Development

InAm offers a bespoke consultancy service whereby you can commission our RDI team to develop a solution to suit your specific needs.

Outsource Production of Nanostructured Engineered Materials

InAM will offer a service to produce and manufacture materials in the future. Tailor-making specific materials for your product needs.

Driving Sustainability Together

At InAM, we believe in integrating with our customers' ecosystems to drive sustainability together. Our innovative solutions and collaborative approach ensure that we will create a better future for all.

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