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Vanya Maplestone

Product Specialist

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Vanya Maplestone has a diverse background in product management, digital transformation, business strategy, fundraising and operational management. She holds an Honours Degree in Interactive Digital Marketing and International Management from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Her thesis research and subsequent studies have been published in several A-level marketing journals, including the Journal of Marketing Management. She went on to hold a senior position as Head of Marketing at a private business school as well as run her own stock photography business for the past 10 years.

More recently Vanya moved into Fintech product management and has developed and managed a range of digital products, including ushering three different fintech applications through the entire product lifecycle, from conception to market proliferation. She has managed multidisciplinary teams of IT leads, customer support staff, marketing and development teams to see products through from conception to launch and into growth phases in all aspects of business.

Her role at InAM will be in business development, strategic innovation, and fundraising for the startup. She is a people person with a passion for emerging technology and blue-sky thinking and will drive the expansion of InAM’s unique method to reach its full potential and success in the global marketplace.

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