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Gonzalo Bevilacqua

Executive Director


Gonzalo Bevilacqua is a name that resonates with a harmonious blend of diverse interests and unwavering dedication to innovation. Delving deep into his persona reveals a man who, over the years, has cultivated an expertise that spans an impressive range of fields. From the intricacies of computer science and the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology to the ever-evolving realms of chemistry and physics, Gonzalo is a beacon of knowledge and application.

Born and raised in an environment that encouraged intellectual curiosity, Gonzalo embarked on a journey to acquire knowledge across different domains. Computer science, for him, was not just about understanding algorithms and data structures, but also about harnessing the potential of computing to solve real-world challenges. His foray into blockchain technology was driven by a vision of a decentralized future, where transparency, security, and efficiency reign supreme. This enthusiasm for blockchain doesn't merely stem from its technological brilliance but also its transformative capacity to reshape economies, governance, and societies. Beyond the realm of hard sciences and technology, Gonzalo showcases his versatility as a professional audio engineer. This role doesn't just denote a job title, but it's a testament to his appreciation for the art and science behind sound.


In a world that's increasingly dominated by digital interfaces, the significance of immersive audio experiences is paramount, and Gonzalo ensures his contributions elevate this domain. Gonzalo Bevilacqua is not just a multidisciplinary expert. He's a testament to what is possible when one possesses the drive to explore, the vision to innovate, and the heart to champion causes that pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

“Tinkering with Tech, Crafting with Music”

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