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Germán Di Carlo

International Business Coordinator


Germán is an accomplished professional nearing 15 years of multifaceted experience, his emphasis lies at the nexus of technology, digital marketing, and international business management. Beyond his immediate professional role, Germán’s academic credentials are equally commendable. He holds two master's degrees: one in Marketing and Strategic Communication from the prestigious Universidad Complutense de Madrid and another in Product Design and Interactivity from Autodesk.


These academic pursuits have significantly bolstered his expertise and have been instrumental in his career trajectory. As a consultant, entrepreneur, and team leader in his earlier roles, he consistently demonstrated prowess in spearheading projects tailored for tech-centric entities on a global scale. This extensive tenure gifted him with a profound understanding of technological market dynamics, current trends, and emergent opportunities. Germán’s portfolio is rich with collaborations with renowned organizations such as Huawei, Duke University, Grouppe Addoha, and Samora Group.


Within these partnerships, he seamlessly led teams to design and deploy tech solutions predominantly for the European and Asian markets. Beyond just technological implementation, he is adept at crafting strategies that accentuate digital market perceptions and fortify corporate reputation management.

In his role at InAM Inorganic nano-Advanced Materials SL, Germán's strength is in constructing comprehensive digital marketing ecosystems that resonate and educate. His fusion of international business insights, technology-driven strategies, and two advanced degrees ensures a contemporary, innovative approach in an ever-evolving digital milieu.

The future of international business is green. Market not just the product, but the vision of a renewable world.

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